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Large animals can be seen at the clinic or home visits can be arranged if the animals can not be transported.

Vaccinations (Horses)

Tetanus Vaccination

Tetanus is a bacterial disease that can affect most animals and humans. Horses are particularly susceptible because of their environment and tendency to suffer injuries. It is recommended that horses be vaccinated against tetanus. The initial two (2) doses are administered one month apart then annually thereafter.

Strangles  Vaccination

Strangles is a highly contagious, bacterial upper respiratory tract infection. It affects horses, donkeys and ponies of all ages. For vaccinations against the disease, three (3) initial does are required, two weeks apart, and then boosters annually thereafter.

Hendra Vaccination

Hendra virus typically infects large fruit bats (flying foxes) however, it can be passed on to horses. The infection has occasionally been passed onto people who have been in close contact with an infected horse. Currently there is no effective treatment for clinically infected animals, although vaccination can prevent clinical disease in horses.

Vaccination against Hendra virus requires three(3) initial vaccinations. The second one month after the first, then the third vaccination is given six months after the second. Annual boosters are required after the initial course. Horses must be microchipped and added to the Hendra vaccination registry after vaccination. If vaccination lapses the original three doses must be repeated again.

2 in 1 Vaccination

This is a combination vaccine that covers both Strangles and Tetanus

Different states and countries have different vaccination policies and requirements. It is always important to check with the local authorities prior to travelling with your pet.

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