Reproductively Services

& Artificial Insemination

As the only practice offering full artificial breeding services in the Northern Territory, our team is here to help you with your required breeding services.

Sniffing Dog

Progesterone testing

We are able to utilise our in-house diagnostic equipment to determine the stage of the females cycle to accurately determine peak fertility times and provide accurate timing of whelping

Semen Collection

Semen collection can be done either immediately prior to insemination of for long term freezing and All semen is analysed and evaluated prior to insemination or storage

Semen Storage

We offer both short- and long-term cryopreservation storage options in Liquid Nitrogen Dewars providing the highest efficiency possible in cryogenic temperature preservation.


Both surgical and transcervical insemination procedures are available.

Equine Reproduction Services

Regular ultrasound scanning of follicles is used to determine peak fertility in the mare to increase the success rates of the insemination procedures.

Please call us for more details regarding how we can assist you with your canine or equine breeding services.

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